Service Flag

Size options:

  • Small 15″ Flags
  • Medium 29″ Flags
  • Large 72″ Flags
  • Clip-on Flags


Service Flags are a unique resort concept offering your guests the ultimate in convenience and service. The flag is placed in the “up” position to alert your staff that a guest would like to make a food or beverage purchase. It has been proven to increase the efficiency and productivity of your staff, as well as increase profitability by up to 30%!

Flags come in multiple sizes to fit most chaise loungers and in a free-standing option for the beach. They are made of the highest quality commercial-grade, weather-resistant materials to ensure proper function and long-lasting durability. The fabric is fade-resistant, marine/awning grade, ensuring they will last for many years. They are available in hundreds of colors and can be customized with logos and numbers for more efficient branding and service.

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