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Patio Furniture for Residential and Commercial Outdoor Space

The right outdoor furniture is a key design feature of your patio or poolside area, so it's worth considering a selection of different styles, colors and combinations to ensure you get pool furniture that offers an attractive addition to your outdoor space. Our company provides a number of exciting outdoor condo patio furniture choices, selected for their excellent durability and strength as well as their visual appeal. We can accommodate larger orders if required and are happy to provide significant volumes of commercial resort pool furniture or hotel balcony patio furniture appropriate for hospitality businesses.

Versatile Pool Chairs and Picnic Tables

Your exterior furniture needs to be suitable for a wide range of purposes to guarantee you get the most value from your outdoor area. In addition to sun bathing and relaxing, a patio, terrace or pool area can also be a fantastic location for entertaining, dining or working. To accommodate all these activities, we suggest a variety of furniture is frequently the best option; why not consider a sling chaise lounge or two in addition to a dining set? Upright outdoor chairs are often appreciated by older friends and relatives who find lower, less supportive furniture less comfortable to use. You can buy everything you need from our site in one, straight-forward order, including an apartment patio umbrella for sun protection.

Materials Matter

Perhaps more than anywhere else in the home, strap chaise lounge chairs and other patio furniture need to be created from strong, weather-resistant materials that are able to cope with moisture, varying temperatures and the sun. Our chaise lounge collection is made from tough, rust resistant aluminum and fabrics which have been specifically chosen for their sun-resistant and mold-resistant properties. Have you considered outdoor wicker? Wicker offers beautiful rustic appeal at the same time as being amazingly durable, even in challenging climates.

Transform Your Existing Chaise Lounges with Outdoor Deep Seat Cushions

If you've already invested in outdoor furniture sling chairs or have al fresco dining pieces which have seen better days, why not give them a new lease of life with some fresh accessories? Not only do we supply suitable cushions in an irresistible variety of shades and patterns, we also stock patio furniture sling replacement items and most other things you'll need for spectacular refurbished patio furniture. From a patio umbrella base stand to a whole new suite of patio furniture, we are always happy to supply appropriate merchandise. To find out more about our stunning collections or to place your order, please call us at (800) 724-3820.

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